Order Process

1. Quote. 
Submit your request for estimate here.
All first orders are a minimum order quantity of 10. Socks are minimum order quantity of 20. 

2. Design. 
Submit your design here
Necklines, colours, fonts, size charts are here

3. Order Form. 
Customer Order form here
The address you provide will be the delivery address. 
Email form to tim@hardwoodsports.com.au 

4. Invoice. 
We will convert your order form into an invoice for payment. All orders are inclusive of GST and Delivery, view our pricing here. We will email you a receipt for your invoice payment. Your order will be delivered 6-8 weeks from payment. 

5. Delivery. 
We will send you an Australia Post tracking number for your assurance. 

6. Reordering. 
After your first order, your design(s) will be available for reorder from your own personal collection. This link will never change, so you can share across your organisation. 
Example collection here


Also read our FAQ's here.
And our Important Info here